Plain and simple.

Good: Back in Beijing.
Bad: Did you know that “Smoke” was even a real weather condition? Come now.

Good: We have electricity! Woo!
Bad: I left my power adapter in Xi’an. Not a problem at home, but at work my computer won’t be able to plug in. Annoying.

Good: Went to another temple festival today.
Bad: Got lost on the way there, had to walk for like an hour to find it

Bad: I dropped my camera on the way to said festival. I am beginning to break or lose all that I see as valuable. My laptop eyes me warily.
Good: I fixed it when I got home with my dual 10RMB ‘Swiss’ pocket knives and a pinch of common sense. Booya.

Bad: No pictures from the festival
Best Possible: The last picture I took before I dropped the camera:

I stand forever in his shadow. Also I'm suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to purchase a watch

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