Update: It’s 2pm, I have my boarding pass and ostensibly the airport knows where my bags are. Pending further divine intervention, I’ll get out of here by 5:10 japantime and get to Houston by 1:50 central on the same day, because time zones are awesome. A four hour layover and 45-minute flight later, I should be back in Austin.
So from now until boarding I have but one final task, namely to waste three hours on the internet. Fear not; I’ve been training for this moment my whole life.

Can’t wait to get home!

So, turns out the gas lines have been potentially compromised by the earthquake, so they were shut down. Consequently the entire airport is freezing. On the plus side it made for a natural 6am alarm clock, because by that point it was way too cold in the terminal to sleep. Took a few more pictures —

Took an hour-long walk through the entire terminal today. Whole thing is covered with little makeshift warning zones like this.

Part of a line of people waiting to get into the United equivalent of the Admirals Club. On my way back to my wifi spot I was charged with telling these guys who had been waiting in line for hours that there was earthquake damage in the lounge and that it wouldn't be opening. Here's to being the bearer of bad news...

Probably my favorite picture from the morning. I dont know why there are no airline workers anywhere to be found, but people are getting pretty upset

As soon as I upload this blog, I get to go wait in this. Fun, yes?

Some planes are taking off. Flights have gotten out to D.C., Singapore, and California. I’m trying to connect through Houston later today. Gotta get through that attendantless line first though…

This marks the first time in history a neck pillow has been useful to anyone. Easily a more significant occurrence than the earthquake

Narita's kinda pretty, even when it's full of squatters

Maybe this could be helpful to someone? Kinda hard to see; I'll reupload after I find a way to get my boarding pass

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