So today’s my last day and that’s all well and terrifying but this post is going to just be some pictures I took along what has to be perhaps my favorite bike ride that I’ve taken in recent memory. I did it this past Sunday while the power was still out, because my computer’s battery had died and there wasn’t much point to sitting in the house.

So I have a thing for old Chinese buildings at night. Sue me.

At one point I ran into this sign -- which says something about engineers, and then "tourists prohibited"; I asked a guard if I could go through anyway and he said sure. Great success!

So consequently I got to spend a decent chunk of the ride up-close and personal with the forbidden city as opposed to seeing it from across the moat, which was a lot of fun but not as good for pictures, because they mainly just show walls, like this.

The main entrance to the 'City.' If you look at the first picture in the post two below this one, I'm behind that building.

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