Wait, what?

Where the balls did winter go? Isn’t this supposed to be the slow season? Especially if you don’t really have, well, friends, and you work nine-hour workdays the whole time (minus Xi’an)? That seems like it’d be the perfect storm of things that would make time seem to pass slowly, but something’s not working. The weather’s been awesome, my job’s been interesting, my acquaintances (got plenty of those!) have been a lot of fun to get to know. And even without them, god knows I’ve been keeping myself entertained otherwise; this blog is a testament to that.

Through it all, I’ve said it before and will gladly say it again — life just moves faster here. This summer evaporated in a blur of happiness, and winter has just become more and more exciting as it’s gone on; if anything it’s been the opposite of the gradual slide into reclusive bitterness that I was half-expecting. (Sidebar: occasionally when making small-talk, I’ll ask people if they like summer or winter better. The answer is, literally without fail, ‘fall.’ In a choice between summer and winter, everyone just dodges the question and says that fall is the best. Pressing the issue does nothing. Weird.) All the holidays, and the political stuff going down help contribute to that, I suppose. In any event I’m coming to grips with the fact that I somehow only have seven days left in this country, and as a weird consequence of that it occurs to me tonight that it’s time to stop blogging for a bit. Or rather, not being able to blog should be a side-effect of my main goal, which is to be out of the house for pretty much this entire weekend. I should ideally be so busy doing cool stuff or at least getting drunk (ha! I don’t even have a wallet for people to steal this time!) that I won’t have half an hour to sit down write about it.

So far I’ve actually planned out by far my most eventful weekend here — helped by the fact that another friend from high school has rolled into town — and if all goes well then I will ostensibly have one last batch of material to write about mid/late next week before I head over to Haiwaii.

Here’s hoping!

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