Because I am lazy, and Beijing is pretty. Sometimes. All those blue skies sure are weird though, huh?

The intersection next to my house. Wave at the forbidden city, everybody

Wangfujing at night. I know I've already done a post committed exclusively to this street but it's still pretty and I still bike by there, so hey.
For all my Spirited Away fans out there:

I’m on to you, Miyazaki.

I’ve even blogged about snack street before, but come on. Between the overhangs and the lanterns, and how it’s deserted during the day but lit and full of food and stuff at night? Ol’ Hayao has clearly been to Wangfujing. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it last time I was here. Anyway all this is also like two blocks from my house. Fun times! Snackable scorpions whenever I want!

I walk down a line of these every day, a tribute to all the famous Chinese jews*

The electric plaza at 9:30am and 7:30pm

*Yeah I have no idea what these actually are supposed to represent, sorry

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