Got in about five hours ago. Talked to parents till they went to sleep, then went straight to Ken’s Donuts. Met seven UT friends there, ate donuts, played xbox at their place till 2, came home, have been eating since. Bananas, fresh baked cookies, milk — Jesus I have missed real, cold milk — cranberry juice, the list goes on. I am a very happy boy, despite the fact that it’s 4am now and I’m not particularly tired, because it’s 5pm to my body. No matter that i went to bed at 4:30am in china last night, apparently.

More importantly I should tell you that this probably isn’t the last post on the China Match, for two reasons. First, there are still about six posts I want to make retroactively; about three of them are already drafted. Second, it’s looking very likely that I’ll be back in Beijing from January 4th to March 11th as a intern and ostensibly english tutor. Considering that I’m there during Chinese new year (a week long holiday) I’ll probably have at least a few stories to tell.

Also, I’m maybe maybe maybe considering turning this into a real blog as opposed to the glorified diary that it is now. In other words, instead of “let me tell you a story about today” it will be “let me tell you how I feel about [x] article I’ve read” generally relating to the Chinese economy or, if I become educated to the point where I have something worthwhile to say, the current political or social climate. As an econ and asian studies major, finding articles like this to talk about could only help me.  So not to worry, the blog would be entirely as self serving as it is now, just with a quasi-intellectual twist. Just like a real blogger. Maybe.

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